Alexander Steig bei COLLABORATION

04. - 19.08.2012
Beate Engl, Leonie Felle, Sandra Filic, Anton Bosnjak, Elias Hassos, Maximilian Geuter, Daniel, Alexander Steig and Thomas Thiede
galleriBOX, Kaupvangstræti 10 IS 600 Akureyri, www.galleribox.blogspot.de Verksmiðjan, Neðst á Hjalteyri, IS 601 Akureyri, Phone: +3544611450 www.verksmidjan.blogspot.de
 Opening at galleriBOX: 4.8. at 2 pm
Opening at Verksmiðjan: 4.8. at 5 pm
The project COLLABORATION was initiated by seven German artists grouped around Thomas Thiede. The main feature of the project is a collaboration of artists who in various conditions of new environments - either artistic or geographical - create site specific works referring to a specific character of particular places. Collaboration among artists or with other art collectives is a key element in the project. The exhibition COLLABORATION_5 at Galleri BOX in Akureyri and Veksmidjan in Hjalteyri will show pieces of work specially done for this very places.
Curators: Hlynur Hallsson, Beate Engl, Thomas Thiede and Alexander Steig